Handover inspections are conducted upon completion of a new home or unit being built. The purpose of these inspections is so that a skilled professional can determine whether the workmanship is up to standard. By receiving a handover inspection report, you will learn about any possible defects present, meaning that they can be fixed before you make your final payment and move into your new home.

Here at Abscan Building Consultants, handover inspection reports are one of the services we provide throughout North Queensland. To help you better understand what is involved in one of these building reports and why they are so important, our expert team has put together a helpful guide below.

Building handover inspection report: what’s included?

Handover inspections involve a complete assessment of the final construction work of a property. The building inspector who conducts the assessment will use a comprehensive checklist to ensure each element of the construction is inspected. Some examples of what is inspected includes:

  • Blockwork or cladding
  • Fittings & fixtures
  • Flooring
  • Ceilings
  • Tiling & plastering
  • Paintwork & other finishes
  • Insulation & roof framework
  • Staircases
  • Decks or balconies
  • Fencin

Benefits of a handover inspection report

By having a handover inspection report conducted, you will get the peace of mind that comes with using an unbiased third party. Even if your new home has been built by a trustworthy and reputable builder, there is still the chance of things going wrong and issues being missed. This is why it’s essential to seek the assistance of a building inspection provider who is highly skilled in identifying any potential construction problems which haven’t been found the builder. When you opt for a team of professionals, such as the experts here at Abscan Building Consultants, the inspector will follow a strict checklist to make sure every element of the building has been assessed.

What happens next?

Once the property has been inspected, you will be provided with a detailed report outlining exactly what has been inspected and whether it has met the standards or not. The report will give an outline of any identified problems in a simple language and photographs will be provided of the problems identified. From here, you can then provide the report to your builder so that they can amend the issues found.

Here at Abscan Building Consultants, our team specialises in a complete range report solutions and consultancy advice throughout the North Queensland region. For further information on gaining a hand over inspection report, be sure to get in touch with us today on 07 4721 5244.