Do you need a roof leak investigation report?

A roof leak inspection is an important consideration for property owners, builders and body corporate agencies. This is because a leaking roof is something that can lead to a great deal of long-term damage if it’s not addressed early on. A thorough roof leak investigation report is recommended for those concerned about any kind of roof leakage issues.

There are various ways to have a roof leak investigation report completed—some roofing experts or insurance companies can assist with this, or you may wish to seek the assistance of a building consultant such as the experienced team at Abscan Building Consultants. Below, we have created a summary which explains the key points you should know before locking in a roof leak inspection.  

What does a roof leak investigation involve?

A professional roof investigation will consist of a thorough inspection of the complete roof area including both the outside and the inside. Throughout the inspection, the overall wear and tear of the roof will be considered and the inspector will decipher where leaks are coming from, along with investigating other potential issues with the roof that may be causing it to be unsafe. From here, a detailed report will be created which will set out all the recommended repairs needed.

Benefits of having a roof leak investigation completed

Many advantages come with opting for a professional roof leak investigation. By ensuring that any defects or flaws are picked up early, they can be amended and prevented from turning into much larger and costly repairs down the track.

A proper roof inspection is also the ideal time to investigate whether the materials used on the roof are potentially outdated and could perhaps be replaced with better quality or more sustainable products.

Not only will a roof investigation report help you avoid expensive repairs, but it is also incredibly important for ensuring a high degree of safety is being met.

How Abscan Building Consultants can assist

Our skilled and experienced building consultant team provide a vast range of services, one of these includes roof leak investigation reports. Providing our services throughout the North Queensland region, we readily work with many different clients including property owners, body corporate and project management. For further details on our roof leak investigation reporting or any of our other services, be sure to get in touch with our team of specialists today.