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Hazardous Materials

Risk management reporting is an important process used to eliminate, reduce or control risks where hazardous or related materials are present. Abscan’s approach helps to maintain these building-related risks in such areas as asbestos, fire safety, hazardous materials and health and safety. Systematic procedures are adopted in identifying, recording and where required ensuring appropriate management and legislative compliance is achieved.

Reports include:

  • Asbestos Reports & Air Monitoring Services
  • Asbestos Sample Testing & Electronic Analysis
  • Lead Paint, SMF’s & PCB’s
  • Meth Lab Testing
  • Contaminated Soil Testing and Remediation
  • Flood and Disaster Reports and Hygienist Services

Asbestos Reports & Air Monitoring Services

If you are responsible for maintaining all types of buildings (built before 2004) – with the exception of a domestic house with no common shared areas, you must manage the asbestos within it. Whether it be the need for an asbestos audit and register, the development of management plans, or the removal of asbestos, Abscan Building Consultants are readily available to meet your requirements. Failure to comply with legislation can result in heavy fines.

Asbestos laws came into effect on 1 January 2012. All buildings constructed before this date (Jan 2004) are required to comply with the current legislation.

Following commercial asbestos inspection, including residential audits, you will be guided through an assessment process that details the current status of your property. Our team will work with you one-on-one to ensure you understand the situation at hand, and will provide you with professional advice that is reliable and effective.

For Cairns, Mackay and North Queensland residents who are concerned about asbestos in their home, are undertaking renovations, require removal carried out or need specialist advice, please contact one of our friendly staff to discuss how we can help you.

Air monitoring of asbestos fibre concentration is extremely important if works are being undertaken to an area where asbestos removal is being carried out or where there is a likelihood that workers or the public may be exposed to asbestos fibres. Our air monitoring services cover the following areas: indoor air, within proximity of property boundaries/fencelines, near the roadway, and ambient air.

Air monitoring services (4) include:

  • Background: General concerns where asbestos fibres are present within a specific area.
  • Exposure: The assessment of personal individual exposure during asbestos removal works.
  • Control: To ensure adequate asbestos removal control measures are in place during the removal of asbestos.
  • Clearance: To ensure that areas are safe for reoccupation following asbestos removal. A clearance certificate is provided for this.

Asbestos Sample Testing & Electronic Analysis

Introducing the new asbestos electronic analyser (asbestos gun) – capable of same day testing and results.

Our in-house laboratory technicians can deliver same day sample analysis prior to our NATA registered laboratory’s final results. We will provide you with consultancy services that are designed to ensure residential and commercial Townsville, Cairns, Mackay and North Queensland property owners are empowered to manage and control the identified asbestos hazardous materials.

Lead Paint, SMF’s & PCB’s

The purpose of auditing hazardous materials and illicit drug laboratory contamination is to:

  • Determine the extent, location and quantity of hazardous materials, substances an chemicals at the subject premises.
  • Register analysis results for implementing correct procedures for risk management and safe work methods for proposed future building works or demolition.
  • To eliminate or minimise the health risks to an acceptable level for re-occupation

Meth Lab Testing

According to the Queensland Department of Health, long term exposure to residual chemical contamination from the manufacture and use of illicit drugs poses significant health risks.

Typically, if illicit drugs such as methylamphetamines are discovered on your premise, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) will remove the substances present. However, it is possible remnants of the illicit drugs may still be discovered, absorbed into the building elements such as walls, ceilings and other furnishings.

If the presence of methamphetamines or illicit drugs are found within your residential or commercial building, please contact our dedicated team of professionals at Abscan. We will ensure a thorough investigation is undertaken to your building. Our comprehensive reporting approach begins with an initial inspection of the building to determine what hazards are present including taking samples for laboratory analysis. We then formalize a detailed report concluding with the remediation steps necessary to decontaminate and remove the remaining illicit drugs for safe occupancy.

Contaminated Soil Testing and Remediation

Inspecting for the presence of hazardous waste to soil/fill prior to construction or removal is critical to ensuring WHS standards are maintained.

We provide a comprehensive, NATA laboratory tested analysis of exposed sites to determine if containments are present. If the analysis produces a positive result for hazardous material such as asbestos waste, we will provide a report detailing the necessary recommendations for removal.

Flood and Disaster Reports and Hygienist Services

Abscan are professional building hygienists that can provide a flood damage report that ensures the integrity of your claim for damages, including your home being safe for re-occupation.

Following a professional clean of the house, we recommend sampling and NATA Laboratory results to confirm that any residual sewerage contamination bacteria of the house is clear, or otherwise.

Abscan can test for airborne mould spores that may become a potential health risk to occupants of the house and for flood bound bacteria.  For example, each surface swab would be analysed for Fecal Coliform and Enterococcus bacteria levels.

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