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Building Inspection Reports

Abscan’s philosophy is to utilize the latest technological equipment and processes in the forensic analysis and assessment for the rectification of building related problems and defects, especially in multi-residential and commercial structures. We offer over 20 specialised due diligence type reports for residential and commercial buildings. Priority service for urgent building reports are available upon request.

Reports include:

  • Building Defect Reports
  • Roof Leakage
  • Pre-Purchase House Inspections
  • Commercial Building Inspections
  • Hand Over Inspection Reports
  • Dilapidation Surveys
  • Expert Witness – Building Disputes
  • Damp & Water Intrusion
  • Insurance Damage Assessment
  • Combustible Cladding Inspections


Building Defect Reports

We offer personalised, tailored, professional services consisting of a Preliminary Report (basic defect inspection with recommendations) to a Full Defects Inspection (with indicative solutions and budget costings for remediation) for residential and commercial buildings.

Roof Leakage

Perhaps the most important part of any residential or commercial building is the roof system. One of the obvious signs that the water discharge of a roof has been compromised, is roof leakage, which in turn can lead to major cost related problems if not rectified. It is extremely important that regular roof inspections and maintenance is carried out periodically.

Our team of dedicated consultants can provide a comprehensive analysis report on the condition of your roof from the inside and out. We will highlight all areas of concern in our report along with recommendations and solutions where remedial action is required.

Pre-Purchase House Inspections

Our dedicated consultants undertake comprehensive house inspection audits of building elements at the property, including roofing, condition of materials, operation of fixtures and fittings, the yard, sheds, and fences.

We can also arrange services such as: Termite and Pest reports, Council Building File Record Search for any unauthorised work that may have been constructed at the property. Electrical, Plumbing or Pool Safety reports.

Commercial Building and Due Diligence Inspection Reports

When it comes to commercial and industrial building inspections, Abscan prides itself in their building expertise to provide detailed building condition reports that can be relied upon. We provide in excess of 20 diverse building related reports.

As a result, we provide cost-effective solutions should remedial action be required. Our vision is to provide builders, engineers, architects, solicitors, bodies corporate, property managers and homeowners your desired outcomes using the latest building technology resources.

Hand Over Inspection Reports

Whether you are a homeowner, in the middle of building, or at the end of your builder’s defect liability period, we can provide services to ensure your property meets regulatory and workmanship standards.

Discovery of Category 2 defects must be within 12 months and, Category 1 defects such as leaking roofs and major structural defects must be within 6 years and 3 months under the QBCC Act.

Dilapidation Surveys

It is often important to assess the current structural condition of any infrastructure or buildings that are likely to be affected by construction works. Building, demolition and roadworks work normally require the use of heavy machinery and equipment, and sometimes involves some serious changes to the site it’s been carried out on. Even if the works are carefully managed, this sort of work has the potential to cause damage to adjoining or adjacent houses or nearby infrastructure.

Our team of consultants are dedicated to providing quality dilapidation surveys for monitoring the structural defects before construction has commenced and following the completion of works. Our experience includes detailed surveys for governmental and private civil engineering contractors for road duplication and civil infrastructure works.

Expert Witness – Building Disputes

In the unfortunate event of a construction dispute over the construction of a house or commercial building, Abscan is able to provide expert opinion report on construction related matters including court attendance as an expert witness if required.

external PDF file for testimonial letter from John Scott

Damp & Water Intrusion

Dampness or water ingress to buildings can lead to serious issues within a building if not evaluated and rectified early. Some of these issues include, health risks as a result of exposure to mold and unsafe developing bacteria, pest infestation, and building structural failure.

Whether the result of dampness is due to condensation, humidity, or poor structural design leading to water ingress, Abscan’s professional consultants can identify the causes and provide effective and lasting solutions.

Insurance Damage Assessment

Abscan provides independent inspection and reporting services to detail the damage that results from high winds and stormwater from a tropical cyclone event or other natural disaster. Following the report, the preparation of a Scope of Works is regularly requested by the home owner so that all aspects of the works will be included during the rectification of the damage.

Combustible Cladding Inspections

In response to new Queensland Government building regulations passed on 1 October 2018, building owners are required to undertake an assessment of materials used on external walls to their buildings to determine if combustible cladding has been used.

Abscan Pty Ltd can assist building owners to complete the mandatory 4-part assessment.

Should you require the expertise of a building industry professional, please contact one of our trusted Abscan Building consultants.

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