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Body Corporate

Subject to legislative reporting obligations, Abscan offers to our clients the following body corporate reports as required.

Reports include:

  • Fire Safety Training & Compliance
  • Insurance Valuation
  • Sinking Fund Forecast
  • Health & Safety
  • Roof Inspections
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Paint Testing

Fire Safety Training & Compliance

The current legislation requires that owners and occupants of buildings must comply with the details of the Fire Safety Regulation 2008. Abscan provides essential fire safety training for those who need assistance to better understand fire compliance procedures in the event of an emergency.

We service clients at Cairns, Mackay and Townsville, as well as surrounding areas. These services include the following:

  • Preparation of evacuation diagrams
  • Emergency Plans that outline evacuation procedures
  • Establishing the Emergency Control Organisation at the workplace
  • How to conduct staff drills
  • Emergency procedures and plans

Operation of equipment***.
Throughout this program, you will learn how to:

  • Conduct annual reviews
  • How to conduct annual drills and new staff inductions
  • How to setup your Emergency Control Organisation at your workplace
  • Ensure fire safety is compliant with the regulations at your workplace.

If you currently have an occupied building in the areas of Cairns, Mackay, Townsville and nearby areas, we highly recommend you take part in our fire safety training services. This will prepare you in the case of an emergency, and ensure you are compliant with current regulations.

Insurance Valuation

Under strata statutory regulations, maintaining a current building insurance coverage is a mandatory requirement.

The process involves the preparation of a cost analysis report of the “full replacement value” of the property by a specialist consultant e.g. Abscan Pty Ltd.

The insurer will base the cost calculation of the insurance premium required of the building owner, upon the estimated “full replacement value.”

Sinking Fund Forecast

A Sinking Fund Forecast evaluates the works and associated maintenance or replacement costs (due to wear and tear) over a future 15-year period needed for building elements, landscaping, and fences in the common areas of the property. The aim is to keep the building’s and property in a serviceable condition so you don’t end up unnecessarily paying for special (and sometimes expensive) levies to cover unforeseen repairs and maintenance items. If not addressed in a reasonable time frame, maintenance and/or repairs can become far more expensive to rectify, e.g. rusting steel support posts to a building. The two big ticket items for most apartment properties is repainting and roof replacement if the roofs are steel sheeting.

For many older buildings, the current sinking fund can be and often is fiscally under-budgeted due to the less stringent laws body corporate entities in the past were required to satisfy. Therefore buildings, particularly those located in coastal areas, are having difficulty “catching up” on unanticipated costs from years of neglect. This can be rectified by first, engaging Abscan to provide a genuine contributions programme followed by, fund administration of the maintenance and rectification works to achieve the desired outcomes.

Health & Safety

Subsequent to the full inspection of the property, a report is prepared which details the health and safety hazards at the building and building surrounds, including the level of risk, and the control measures which either eliminate the hazard, or minimize the health and safety risk.

Roof Inspections

Perhaps the most important part of any residential or commercial building is the roof system. In fact, if not adequately and periodically maintained, the roof system can lead to significant cost related problems; water intrusion being a major cause of issues.

Our team of dedicated consultants can provide a comprehensive analysis report on the condition of your roof from the inside and out.We will highlight all areas of concern in our report along with recommendations and solutions where remedial action is required.

Maintenance Reports

A maintenance report provides a detailed summary of items requiring maintenance throughout the complex common areas. This report also identifies the urgency, or otherwise, for each of the maintenance items i.e. the year and the frequency of maintenance for a particular item.

We recommend that this report be compiled prior to a Sinking Fund Forecast report being prepared.

Paint Testing

Inspecting for quality paint and coating workmanship that adheres to Building Code of Australia (BCA) specifications is an important component to ensuring building maintenance and/or repair costs are minimized and building aesthetics are lasting.

Using the latest technologies, Abscan can provide a detailed analysis and report identifying coating thickness, hardness, corrosiveness, and quality of coating. Further to our professional assessment, our report includes recommendations for coating remediation if required.

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