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Project Management

For a variety of building remedial works, we commonly provide assistance in the preparation of Technical Specifications (scope of works), Building Design, calling for Tenders, Tender Assessments and Contract Administration, (looking after the project on the Clients behalf).

Project Management services include:

  • Building Condition Reports
  • Remediation – Scope of Works
  • Building Works Cost
  • Building Design/Documentation
  • Project Management

Building Condition Reports

We offer personalised, tailored, professional services consisting of a Preliminary Report (basic defect inspection with recommendations) to a Full Defects Inspection (with indicative solutions and budget costings for remediation) for residential and commercial buildings

Remediation – Scope of Works

Regardless of the type of remediation project, we can provide a detailed scope of works ensuring quality workmanship and Australian Building Code standards are adequately met.

We have a proven track record for detailing scope of works for the following projects:

  • Roof rectification works
  • Pool repair/replacement
  • Stairs rectification
  • Balcony and Balustrade Repairs
  • Drainage works
  • Internal building rectification works
  • Floor tiling repair/replacement

Our service is backed by our extensive building knowledge and expertise you can count on.

Building Works Cost

In addition to our scope of works services, we also provide budgets applicable for any small to medium sized project. We ensure our budgets reflect the scope or works in a balanced and conscientious way where we aim to minimize costs where applicable while being mindful of the end product – lasting quality workmanship.

Building Design/Documentation

With 40+years of combined building design experience, Abscan’s dedicated team of consultants provide architectural technological services for both new buildings and renovations.

Project Management

Abscan provides comprehensive and problem solving service to building owners and Body Corporate. With extensive experience in the building and property development industry over 30 years, our firm has grown to be recognised for reliable solutions to building construction and/or maintenance issues.

Building design and project management services have been provided for multi-unit developments, high rise apartments, and sub-divisions.

How do we oversee your project?

  • Preliminary planning and budgeting advice
  • Site inspection and preparating of scope of works, specification, and tender documents
  • Calling tenders and making recommendations
  • Progress inspections and certification of payment to contractors
  • Advice in relation to health and safety concerns
  • Investigation and advice in relation to individual owners’ problems
  • Obtaining client or committee instructions at each project phase
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