If you have contracted a builder to construct your new house, you are going to require a Building Defects Report and a Building Compliance Report before final payment is made. To take the stress off, the specialists here at Abscan Building Consultants provide Defective Building Works Audits along with Contract Compliance Audits throughout the North Queensland region.

To help you better understand what this all involves and why a Building Dispute Report is so important, our team have put together a simple guide below.

What is a Building Dispute Report?
The key purpose of a Building Dispute Report is so that a property can be inspected to determine if there are any building defects present before it is signed over to new owners. In terms of a new build, an inspection is also crucial to make sure the property has been built to a safe and previously agreed upon standard. By picking up on defects at this early stage, they can be addressed immediately, thus saving the new homeowner stress and money down the track.

How Abscan Building Consultants can help

Our team provides a range of services to ensure your new home meets all compliance standards and that any building defects are identified. This includes:

  • Defective Building Works Audit
  • Contract Compliance Audit

What do these audits involve?
The Defective Building Works Audit involves a thorough visual inspection of the property, both internally and externally—this even includes the external roof surface. The purpose of this audit is to check the property against the Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards publications and manufacturer’s specifications. Upon completion, a detailed report will be provided, along with photos of any building defects that have been identified.

The purpose of the Contract Compliance Audit is to ensure the property meets all the specifications set out within the building contract terms which were agreed upon between the builder and homeowner.

Would you like more information on gaining a Building Dispute Report?
Specialising in a range of commercial and residential building inspections, we provide our services throughout the North Queensland region. Be sure to get in touch with the team at Abscan Building Consultants on 07 4721 5244 for all your Building Dispute Report enquiries.