To help you form a better understanding of the building fire safety legislation, the experts here at Abscan Building Consultants have put together a comprehensive summary below.

Is your building fire compliant?

As stated in the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008, buildings in Queensland are required to meet annual fire compliance regulations. The class of the building will determine the specific obligations that are required. If your building is anything other than a standalone house or townhouse, there will likely be fire obligations. You can confirm which class of building your property falls under by checking the Building Code of Australia which defines all building classes.

Installations and precautions for fire safety

There is a range of prescribed installations required to ensure a building owner has taken all precautions needed to be prepared and compliant with the building fire safety legislation. Some of these fire safety installations include:

  • Exit signs clearly displayed
  • Fire extinguishers, hoses & hydrants installed
  • Smoke alarms & fire alarms
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Automatic smoke exhaust or ventilation systems

Do you have a fire safety evacuation plan?

Expanding further on the fire safety regulations, a fire evacuation plan is also essential. The Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 includes subdivisions which discuss the requirements that buildings need to meet in terms of a fire evacuation plan. Some important aspects stated in the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 include:

  • Fire evacuation plan should be kept in writing
  • Fire evacuation signs & diagrams displayed
  • Fire safety adviser appointed for high occupancy buildings. Their name & contact details should be accessible for occupants
  • Fire evacuation route kept clear
  • Compliant door locks & handles on the fire evacuation route

These are just some of the requirements for a compliant and safe fire evacuation plan. Be sure to consult the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 for a complete list.

Book your fire safety training

Training can be undergone to ensure you are compliant with the building fire safety legislation. At Abscan Building Consultants, we provide fire safety training for those wanting to better understand fire emergency procedures. Throughout our fire safety training, participants will learn a range of skills including:

  • How to prepare evacuation diagrams
  • Emergency plans & procedures
  • Developing an Emergency Control Organisation for workplaces
  • How to correctly organise staff fire drills & new staff inductions
  • Conducting annual reviews

For more information on our fire training services and how to ensure you are meeting the Building fire safety legislation, get in touch with Abscan Building Consultants.