Owners of commercial buildings need to be aware of ACM audit re-inspection dates to ensure they remain compliant.

Did you know? A person with management or control of a workplace must ensure any asbestos in the building is first of all identified. The location of the asbestos then needs to be clearly recorded in a register, and then supported with a written asbestos management plan.

A quick overview of asbestos containing materials legislation in Queensland:

  • Asbestos registers are required for buildings that were constructed ‘prior to December 31st 1989’.
  • The ACM’s – or asbestos containing materials – need to be identified by a competent person who has acquired thorough training, and possesses the qualification and/or skill to carry out this task (such as a licensed asbestos assessor).
  • As per Queensland Government legislation, asbestos registers need to be maintained. This means you need to be aware of the ACM audit re-inspection dates that relate to your building, which currently sits at a maximum period of 5-year intervals.
  • Failure to comply with asbestos containing materials legislation in Queensland can be an expensive process for building owners. So, if you’re looking for independent building consultancy advice, you want it to provide you with a compliant solution that helps you meet your legislative obligations.

How can Abscan help?

  • With over 30 years of experience in the delivery of asset protection and risk management solutions, our knowledge of asbestos containing materials legislation in Queensland is unsurpassed.
  • Our staff members are all fully qualified and certified to prepare and maintain your asbestos register, and our attention to detail is without question.
  • We are committed to providing timely and accurate data, to ensure you satisfy your legislative obligations within the timeframes of your ACM audit re-inspection dates
  • By using the latest technology, our systematic reporting procedures are extremely accurate and thorough.

At Abscan, we service a host of loyal customers based in and the Townsville area, including commercial real estate agents, body corporate managers, schools, churches and local councils. As our business grows, we are now looking to expand our service offering throughout regional areas south of Townsville. And you can rest assured all our clients receive personalised customer service, to ensure your compliancy obligations are met.

If you want the right advice in regards to asbestos containing materials legislation in Queensland, or need timely advice to adhere to your ACM audit re-inspection dates, call Abscan today on 07 4721 5244.

We’re happy to provide you with more detailed advice regarding our services, or to supply you with a written quotation on behalf of your building owners.