Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Pre Purchase Building Inspections for Townsville Properties

Abscan’s specialists are renowned for their skills and abilities to ensure clients’ prospective properties meet the legal and regulatory safety standards. Through careful assessment and analysis, our pre purchase building inspection consultants will ensure the health hazards and defects at your building are identified. Abscan’s Townsville staff can provide you with reports that detail the work that should be undertaken to rectify the defects and hazards at the property.

Utilising advanced technology and practices, Abscan’s consultants are able to identify the defects within commercial and residential buildings, through the use of radars, locaters and specialised meters. Our team of professionals will explain the process with you to deliver a thorough pre purchase building inspection for your Townsville property. Furthermore, many who purchase houses or buildings are unaware of Building Code of Australia compliance issues, which may affect the value of the property. Our consultants undertake specialised audits that identify non-compliance issues and advise of the same in the subsequent report.

Abscan’s comprehensive reports include the following:

  • Defect analysis of domestic and commercial buildings
  • Reports to support insurance claims
  • Pre purchase Due Diligence Inspection assessment
  • Audits for specified maintenance
  • Inspections that supply third party written advice
  • Roofing assessment
  • Handover details
  • Pre six-month and pre six-year defect inspections in compliance with the Queensland Building & Construction Commission Act.

Our Townsville pre purchase building inspection consultants will ensure that you are aware of the hazards and defects, so that you are fully informed prior to purchasing of your new property. Our services are reliable, comprehensive and thorough—we don’t take shortcuts.

For more information on our Townsville pre purchase building inspection services, please feel free to contact us on (07) 4721 5244. We’re available to answer any questions you may have or provide professional advice.